Sports Marketing Firms Demand Character and Charity-Minded Clients

Not long ago in Chicago would people look at a picture like this with complete indifference. But now, with a Blackhawk jersey involved, its a completely different story. Jonathan Toews lead the way Wednesday in Philadelphia as captain of the new Stanley Cup Champions. He came away from this 2009-2010 season as the Conn Smythe Trophy winner, the NHL Playoff’s MVP, and brings the title to a city that was a woeful original 6 member just a few years ago. This team was the joke of the city. I personally attended more Chicago Wolves games growing up than Blackhawks due to its lower prices.

But, as hockey began its national resurgence following the lockout, me and my father bought into it with a 9 game package to see the other team at the Madhouse on Madison. This was still before they were a contending team, but I was raised on the winning ways of the Bulls, and while the Blackhawks spent their time not being televised in Chicago (thank you Dollar Bill Wirtz), I focused my attention on the flashiness of MJ. But after going to my first game, I instantly fell in love. This sport was exciting, intense, and never lacking in action. There was a lot of history to the sport that I missed out on due hockey’s status in Chicago in the 90’s, but since 2007 I added another team to be a die-hard fan to.

Now, anti-Blackhawks fans rant and rave about how fake new Blackhawks fans are, how we’re fair weather, how we haven’t sweat, bled, and breathed the team we now brag about. To that, I say nay. As a Chicago sports fan, and NOT a WHITE SOX FAN, I’ve dealt with more disappointment than most could imagine. I could ramble on and on about this, but I won’t, because until next fall, the Chicago Blackhawks, my Chicago Blackhawks, are the NHL Champions. The first champions of any sort I’ve cheered for in my adulthood.

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