Passive Solar Orientation Is The Most Critical Design Element In New House Designs

Sitting with land owners during a design brief is a wonderful experience. It’s a time when their imagination, hopes and dreams are coming to the fore. You can learn about their values, family and lifestyles more in a one hour meeting than if you knew them for a year. During this meeting it is inevitable that a discussion regarding Passive Solar Orientation will take place and the sentiment during this time is often overwhelming. Home Buyers are looking for Passive Solar options in their new home designs.

For what it’s worth, it’s refreshing to see so many people concerned about their impact on the environment and the planet. It’s a fresh memory where recycling was introduced and only a select number of families would keep their cans and bottles and drop them off on the weekends to the participating petrol stations that collected and paid for them. Many people couldn’t be bothered wasting their time making an effort, and tons and tons of recyclable waste would be sent to the rubbish tip only to be dropped into a hole and forgotten.

How times have changed. The youth of today are more aware of our impact on the planet than past generations, possibly because they understand their impact will make a very real difference to their children and grandchildren than we’ve ever seen before. But the baby boomers are starting to get it. With their fancy cars and jetsetting lifestyle, they too are wanting to make a negative contribution to their carbon footprint.

Passive solar orientation is not just a one time event like the recycling of an aluminium can. It is a lifespan of difference, with most homes expected to last 60 years at a minimum. The potential carbon reduction of reduced energy costs are enormous and all hinge on getting the solar orientation right. This one design factor can result in an air conditioner being off all day, or running all day. Good passive solar design will incorporate many design features that will reduce heat collection and transfer, and enhance the natural elements to introduce cooling through clever cross ventilation design.

If you’re considering building a new home, bring this one criteria to the table when you’re sitting face to face with your new home designer. Demand that your home has passive solar design elements throughout. It’s not a want, it is a necessity and something of great value to you and to every generation beyond.

Steve Fitzpatrick is the Managing Director of Your Building Broker [] in Perth Western Australia.

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