Must Know Tips for Computer Disposal and Recycling

Think twice if you think the best thing to do with an unused computer it to put it to the curb. Although it may be tempting to just get rid of some of our older or broken computers, there a few things we should think about before we throw away that computer. Meet the 3 R’s of computer disposal. Repair, Re-Purpose, Recycle. 2.5GB Switch


If your computer used to be fast but just seems to be slow recently it can be fixed. There are often many software problems that affect the performance of a computer that when resolved will bring back the speed you used to experience. Even a seemingly hopeless computer can perform as it once did and even upgraded to be faster than ever. Even if your hard drive has failed or files have been accidentally deleted,all of your data is not necessarily gone. It may be possible to recover some or even all of the data from the drive. Bring your computer to a professional computer repair technician before declaring the time of death


Even though your computer may not be able to play the latest videogames, watch high definition movies or have the multitasking performance of a new computer, there are many things that they can be used for.

File/Print Server

A file is a server is a computer connected to your home network that allows your documents and media to share a central location so that they can be easily accessed over a network. It also serves as a consolidated place for your files to be backed up from. A print server allows you to share your printer across a network so that you can print from any computer in the house.

Web Surfing Computer

Even older computers are can still be adequate web surfing computers. They can be perfect computer for a spare room or even for your children to not have to use your new computer. They can also be setup in certain ways that allows them to be dedicated web browsing machines without ever needing maintenance through using Linux or customizing your Windows installation

Home Theater PC

In many cases computer can be adapted to become home theatre systems with little to no modification depending on the set-up & requirements. With a home theatre PC you can integrate your computer into your living room to be able to play movies, games. view pictures & listen to music in the comfort of your living room. More complex set-ups can record live TV, play and stream high definition content and output surround sound audio.


Computers should never be thrown out with the rest of our garbage because they can be easily recycled. There are places that are designated recycling depots that will accept your computers, printers, monitors, & keyboards. To see the full list of accepted items and to find out where your nearest recycling depot is in Ontario, visit the Do What You Can Website.

Data Security

When you give away your computer to a friend, sell it or recycle it, all of your data is going with it. All of your emails, documents, pictures and other personal information are at risk of being seen by anyone who gets access to your old computer. If you think your data is safe because the computer wasn’t working or because you deleted your files or even reformatted the computer, it’s not. The best methods to ensure your data is safe when your planning to give your computer away is to do a secure erase and reformat. We can erase data from a hard drive in a method that is accepted by military standards. If the computer is going to be recycled you can physically destroy the drive ensuring to break the internal platters. Or alternatively you can remove the hard drive from your computer to re-use or store.

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