Law of Attraction Tips – The Little-Known Truth About Vision Boards

I was asked this week about vision boards. Here are some of my answers of one of the more popular manifestation strategies as made famous in The Secret.

Here are my answers:

What is a vision board and how does it work?

A vision board is a place where you can assemble images, words, drawings, and objects that represent your desired intentions and goals.

You can use a pin board, or a piece of cardboard to glue images on to, or even a computer program complete with video and music.

Vision boards serve two purposes:

1. To maintain your focus and attention on your desired goals
2. To keep you excited about your desired goals.

Vision boards work by keeping you in resonance with your goals. What does this mean? You will attract what you want a lot faster when you have your focus firmly on what you want AND feel excited about it.

The emotions you feel consistently are the language of energetic attraction: energy of a particular vibration is attracted to energy of the same vibration.

When you feel good, you attract more people, things, and circumstances that also feel good. If you feel lousy, grumpy, and angry, guess what? You attract more of the same.
This is what the expression ‘these things come in threes’ is all about.

How you feel is more important than anything else in the manifestation process.

What should we put on our vision board?

Anything you like! Anything that makes your heart sing, feel alive and excited is fair game for the Vision Board.

How important is it to be realistic about what we put on there?

There are no limitations as to what you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ put on the vision board. Being ‘realistic’ is only a matter of perspective and most people dream far, far too little for themselves.
Here is the main rule about vision boards that is not often explained well:

If you look at your vision board and feel deflated, or worried, or pessimistic, then you will attract people, things, and circumstances that reflect that emotional vibration. In other words, unless you feel great when looking at your vision board, then the vision board is being counterproductive: you can’t attract what you desire in a state of doubt, stress, or worry.

So here are your choices if you do feel stress worry, or doubt about your vision board:

1. Change what you’ve got on there so you do feel excited and confident about creating this experience in your life.

2. Change your limiting beliefs about what is possible for you, and more importantly, what you believe you deserve.

Using affirmations is one way to change beliefs, but this takes quite a long time to effect change. PSYCH-K is my preferred method. This is a kinesiology-based process that works in five minutes or less. It’s really quite impressive. I’ve used it to change beliefs about all sorts of fears including procrastination, self-doubt, self-worth and much more.

Beware the ‘naysayers’. This is where the ‘be realistic’ sentiments often come from. These are people who might scoff at your vision board, roll their eyes or call you a woowoo fruitloop.
You can either change your beliefs about needing other people’s approval and avoid these negative folks, or move your vision board away from the critics.

What are your best tips for creating a vision board and making it work?

Whether you use vision boards, treasure boxes (same idea – just put your images/postcards/magazine clippings/objects in a box that you label the ‘magic box’ or something similar), or letters to yourself, or visualization, these manifestation strategies are really one of the LAST things you should be doing in the manifestation process.

The manifestation steps are:

Get clear on your FOCUS. This is all about how you want to FEEL when you achieve your goal. This is the real intention.

Step 1: Clean up your vibe. Clear any limiting beliefs you may have about achieving this goal – like ‘I don’t deserve it’, ‘I’ll never be able to do that’, or ‘I have no idea how to get that’.

Step 2: Get in resonance. If your goal is to feel freedom and you want to express that through the experience of owning a brand new Maserati spider sports car, then find ways of feeling freedom now. For example, you might express freedom now by going for a walk in the park, or having a snooze, or surfing, or finger painting, or vacuuming nude (a very fun way to feel freedom!)

Step 3: Keep your focus. This where your vision board or other manifestation technique comes in. Your vision board is used as a trigger to keep you excited on your goals, and a reminder to keep your focus on opportunities that will lead you towards this goal.

Step 4: Amp up your vibe. This means upping how good you feel on a daily basis by expressing genuine gratitude for all the big and little things in your life now. Laughing and goofing off are also excellent ways to amp up the vibe.

Step 5: Give up deadlines. As soon as you start wondering ‘when’ or ‘how’ things are going to happen for you, you are killing your attraction vibe. It also shows that you are not firmly in the present moment – the now is where all the power of attraction really lies.

So stop regretting the past or fantasizing about the future – bring your appreciation and attention back to the present moment. This may at first seem to contradict the notion behind the vision board which is after all a collection of images about something you desire to occur that has not yet occurred.

However consider the distinction: worrying about how things are going to happen, or feeling excited about how things may happen. One is about struggle and anxiety, the other is about delighted anticipation.

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