The role of education for a successful career needs not to be ascertained further. The cost of education has gone up by leaps and bounds in recent times. The course fees of the prestigious institutes are significantly higher and hardly come within the affordable range of the middle class. No wonder, in such a scenario the ambitious students prefer to join an online university to receive quality education at an affordable price.

Education is nothing but a product nowadays. With prices of the basic amenities skyrocketing, education is too sold at higher prices. Apart from the on-campus institutes, the mediocre schools of higher learning also demand astronomical fees for the courses on offer. Especially the fees of the management courses hardly come within the reach of the economically backward groups.

Gen Y thinks that management education is the gateway to professional achievement and therefore, is more interested in pursuing the MBA courses. On the contrary, an online university charges reasonable cost for the management courses, thereby helping the students of poor and middle class families earn the much coveted MBA degrees.

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