To make the most of your online MBA programs, you also need to understand the differences between a traditional MBA program and an online program. While the curriculum offered by the two is normally the same, online MBA students spend most of their time not in class but studying the same course material independently. Online programs provide a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, reading lists, assignments, online forums and discussions, video tutorials, one-on-one sessions with faculty and even podcasting. Exams will be conducted routinely (often at pre-determined centers near your locality) and assignments need to be submitted regularly so as to fulfill credit and course requirements. An online MBA is in no way easier than a traditional one and in some ways could even demand more of you in terms of discipline and effort. Finally, as an online MBA can be completed in a much shorter frame of time as compared to the normal four years, the earning potential and possibility for career advancement is also quicker as a result.

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