While preparing for these events, one can tend to focus on gathering our major equipment like lights, soft boxes, cameras, stands, camera cards, backup batteries, light meters, flashes; the list goes on and on. However, after first few outings you can start to realize that there is often quite a few little items that you may regret for not bringing it. Venturing outside from your comfortable and well-equipped studio leaves you open to endless possible unexpected crises, both major and minor.

You can ever wonder how photographers get such great shots of their subjects from above. A dedicated photographer doesn t mind climbing a tree to get a good photo shoots, but a smart photographer packs a ladder and you will definitely want to invest in something small and portable like in the shot.

A product like this is lightweight and easy to carry and can double as a seat when you need a break on those all day shoots, also having an elevated mobile vantage point at your disposal will really open you up to some great shot opportunities. It can be quite difficult to predict when the weather is going to ruin your photo shoots so choosing an umbrella for a little rain can actually result in a great shoot.

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