DON’T limit yourself to one wholesale phone supplier. You can do business with more than one. If you need to stock a brick and mortar store or an online store, you need a lot of inventory. Shop around to find the best deals. If you must do business with three different wholesale suppliers to find the best deals, do it.

DO target as many customers as possible. When buying wholesale phones, you want to target two types of customers. Those who want affordable phones and those who want the latest technology. With today’s economy, consumers are cutting back on their shopping. That is why affordable phones will always be in demand. Even with the economy, there are those who must have the latest technology and the newest phones. Cater to both types of customers and you increase your profits.

DON’T assume you are getting the best wholesale discount. Many suppliers are good at making a deal seem a lot better than it is. For example, they may have a case of 4 Motorola cell phones originally priced at $250, but now selling for $150. This looks like a good discount, but can you make a profit? That is all that matters.

DO compare wholesale costs will selling prices. Your goal with buying wholesale mobile phones is to make a profit. Luckily, this is easy to determine with a bit of research. Take a wholesale phone, such as the Apple iPhone 3G, look at the wholesale price and determine the cost for each individual phone. Then search for that phone online. What is the average selling price? It should be significantly more than what you pay for the phone.

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