There are many possible outcomes to a patent suit. (or, more formally and correctly, a patent infringement lawsuit).
Victory at Trial : It is possible that your case will go to trial, and you’ll be winning. In a patent suit, the jury will have to make 3 calls :

One. Is the patent valid and enforceable?

Two. Did the defendant actually did infringe your patent?

Three. If the defendant did, what damages are going to be awarded? The excellent news is a jury verdict is a gratifying vindication of your claim of patent infringement. The bad news is the losing defendant can file an appeal, and that may delay payment of any award. The defendant may achieve success in getting the original verdict overturned, in which case the entire process fundamentally starts all over again! As you may learn, victory after a trial is an improbable result as only a tiny share of patent infringement suits really go to trial.

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