How Do they Build Nests?

What Do Desmans Eat?

Desmans feed on the larvae of aquatic bugs including the stone fly and caddis fly, as well as on small crustaceans, which they locate by using probing their proboscis-like snouts underneath small rocks and via clearing away particles from the move bed with their sharp elongated claws. Prey is ate up on the surface where following each dive, a a rigorous body grooming is carried out. This is an crucial hobby because it guarantees that the fur isn’t always only saved smooth and in correct situation however also keeps its water-repellent homes by oil all over the body from sebaceous glands spreading.

How Do they Build Nests?

Desmans construct their nests in the banks of streams, The Russian desman absolutely excavates a complicated burrow, which it can percentage with other desmans, even as the smaller Pyrenean species occupies a strictly solitary nest, commonly created via enlarging an already current tunnel or crevice. Nests are composed of leaves and dried grasses and are constantly located above the water degree.

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