after every two 3 fourth years.

According to English Calender there are 12 months and common 30 days in each month. This bills for one year.According to Hindu Calender there are 355 days. So each yr eleven days distinction. Meaning after each 2 3/4th ( Pavne teen varshane ha Adhik Maas yeto) years.
According to legends a Solar 12 months includes 12 months.
And Lunar 12 months consists of 355 days so as to atone for the 11 days difference a month called Adhik Maas is brought after every two 3 fourth years.

According to holy scriptures each of the 12 months become assigned to twelve Gods in order that Lunar and Solar years donot get out of step with days and seasons and the 13 month become not assigned any God.It changed into called Mal Maas meaning filthy month, and absolutely everyone condemned it.So this month became sad and approached Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu felt pity and assigned a name PURUSHOTTAM MAAS to this month and made this month pretty auspicious and blessed the ADHIK MAAS.This indicates that if we surrender to the ALMIGHTY GOD all our sorrows and troubles get solved.

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