3 Proven Steps to Improve Link Popularity on Your Site

Link popularity is the way that search engines can tell how “important” your site is. To improve link popularity you must know how Google “thinks”. Good sites are being linked to by other sites. Google’s common logic is that if other sites think that you are popular, then you must be popular.  GETIX.ID

For the most part, link popularity is reflected by your Page Rank although there are a lot of factors that contribute to how well you rank for a specific search term. Without a doubt, the most important thing you can do to rank higher and to get more traffic is to improve link popularity for your site.

The days of waiting and hoping that other sites will link to you are over. You have to actively build backlinks to your site. The more backlinks you get, the better they are and the more relevant they are, the higher your perceived “popularity” will be with Google – and the higher your rankings will be.

Let’s quickly look ate the 3 best ways to improve link popularity on your site:

1. Create something worth linking to
This is often overlooked, but if you create unique content that people in your niche will want to read and consume, you can build a flood of natural backlinks to your site. A good example is with a unique tool that you offer for free. When users come to your site because there’s something they can’t find anywhere else, other sites will start linking to you because you offer something unique and valuable.

2. Build backlinks from authority sites
Your link popularity is primarily affected by the quality of back links you get to your site. If a site in your niche with a high Page Rank links to you, then it’s very valuable. You need to figure out how you can get the top sites in your niche to publish your content in order to get a backlink from them. This is so valuable that many of the top sites will buy these backlinks for ridiculous amounts of money. Be creative and figure out a way for them to want to link back to your site by offering them something.

3. Build a large selection of backlinks
While relevant links from authority sites are very valuable, the “natural” way in which sites will link to each other is in volume. You need to get as many back links from as many related sites as you can. By leaving blog comments with backlinks and by adding a link in your forum signatures you can build a very natural looking backlink profile that will help to improve link popularity immensely.

Remember that link popularity is all about perceived popularity. Search engine spiders rely on backlinks as a way of telling whether your site is popular or not. Focus your efforts on building backlinks because it still is the easiest way to increase your site’s link popularity.

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